EURUSD Trade with Green Code

Let’s see how my last $EURUSD was managed. I have a lot of questions about my strategies, here is an explanation of this trade which was initiated through my Green Code Dashboard that I teach at my Trading School. 

You can find details here : https://olivierdanvel.com/greencode

When I’m trading Forex, I constantly use my Dashboard that helps me a lot to find opportunities on the markets.

Trading Setup :

As you can see on the image, an index of 14.9 on the ribbon suggests that a strong trend up is preparing for $EURUSD at 6am CEST June 24th + Currency force indicates a Strong EUR pairs momentum.

Having a range between 1.1920 and 1.1975 since couple of days, a theoretical entry point of 1.1920 is interesting to be positioned when matched with other proprietary indicators.

I’ve entered long @ 1.1920. Perfect entry with the help of my Dashboard.

I exited the next day @ 1.1970 as Dashboard showed me weakness of EUR at this moment. Profit +50pips.


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Regards, Olivier