Once you bought the program, an email will be sent with your credentials to log in to your member space. You will also receive a link to choose the meetings for the first 3 live courses. Generally speaking, it is up to you to complete the first course, it could take one week or a month to integrate this course according to your time available. Then starts the 3 live courses on a weekly basis, I think it is the best. Then the last course will be taken 3 months after the end of the 3 live courses.

You can reach me via the chat on the website or you can send me an email.

I will be available from 7 am to 22 pm Paris time.

I encourage everyone to engage themselves, being motivated every single second and serious about learning new skills and improve their competence with my coaching. First of all, do not underestimate the necessity of the first self preparation course before the lives. There is a complete personal audit to fill in, that will help me to adapt myself to your needs and understand where you are today. There are 78 short videos that will represent the first step to understanding trading concepts. Some of those videos are capital to get what I will talk about in the live courses. 

There are about 500 questions in the quizzes. Those questions will build you an interesting solid knowledge about trading. I recommend learning all the information you can get doing all the quizzes multiple times. 

It depends on the financial assets of everybody and your objectives. I highly advise not to invest money from your daily needs, invest only a portion of your assets and reduce your leverage. Fill in your personal audit, you will have a question to know at what level of financial freedom you are.

Yes, I’ve designed the Green Code program for beginners and advanced traders.

For beginners, the Course 1 clearly explains all basics that a Trader should know and advanced Trader will find knowledge to reinforce/refresh their skills.

No, I don’t guarantee that :

  • You will become rich.
  • You will win money.
  • You will never lose money.


This Green Code program is designed to give you my knowledge that made me become a successful trader, it depends on everybody to apply that in their regular Trading work to get success. Trading occurs with risk, there is no Holy grail, only hard daily work will lead to success.

After a few years sharing my trading results in eToro’s social trading platform, sharing my view and analysis was my natural next step business activity. I got a lot of requests from my +100,000 followers to share parts of my mindset. When I realized after a market study that no trading coach has proven public results, I got motivated to create a trading school that will teach what I think is the best trading knowledge from the world’s most copied fx trader in social trading.

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