Olivier Danvel, world’s most popular Fx trader in social trading presents:

The Green Code : the best way to become a real trader

Learn and get all the tools to be a better trader, Improve your skills to be regular in your trading, detect opportunities on the markets with easy to replicate strategies.

Start your new life now !

Empowered with 20 years of experience in the financial markets and my proven results over many years, I have decided to share my knowledge on how I became a consistent and profitable trader.


A step by step programme to understand what matters and focus on the essential.




Course 1: will be focused on the basics that you should know before

Course 2: will teach you Green Code Strategy 1 + Live Dashboard and Trading journal

Course 3: will be focused on Money Management technics

Course 4: will be concentrated on Trading Psychology

Course 5:  will teach you Green Code Strategy 2 and 3

I will teach you 3 Strategies I use for my private investors.

On the left you can see a sample of one strategy course and below Screenshot of the Dashboard I use every day for my Trading.

I will also share my Trading Journal.

We will also study 2 key notions that transformed me into a successful Trader:
>> Money Management
>> Trading Psychology

Finally during all courses, you’ll have personal Skills developement which will strongly help you in your trading and a lot of quizzes to improve your Trading knowledge.

Adapted to you

I’ll ask you to fill in a personal audit about your experience, and I will adapt my knowledge to your needs. You will feel more comfortable because it will be specifically geared to gaps in your own knowledge.

Being regular in all the actions

This is the key to success, there are many tools you need to achieve this. I’ve been through them, and I am able to make them part of your daily behaviour. I will follow your trading activity and renew it regularly to improve your skills permanently.

Apply a strategy

I will teach you a few strategies that I use every day, and they will permit you to be a good trader. You will be calmer and more attentive to listening and observing with better organization and increased focus. You will be more empowered to make decisions as well as being prouder and healthier with additional motivation, ambition and high spirits.

Build a mindset

This will change your life in so many ways that you will think differently and behave differently in your interactions with others and your environment. Being a really good trader is a completely new starting point in your life. You’ll become a new person – a better one.

Green Code Full course
SPRING PROMO - Personal audit offered
All 6 courses + 1 year access to Dashboard
Introduction Course / Preparation
Course 1: Brain exercice + 78 Trading videos + 16 Quizzes + 14 Personal Skills development
Course 2: Green Code Trading Strategy 1 + Live Dashboard training + Trading journal training + 4 Quizzes + 4 Personal Skills development
Course 3: Money Management + Position Sizing / Risk Control + 4 Quizzes + 3 Personal Skills development
Course 4: Trading Psychology + Virtous Circle + 4 Quizzes + 2 Personal Skills development
Course 5: Green Code Trading Strategy 2 + Green Code Trading Strategy 3 + 8 Quizzes + 6 Personal Skills development
Course 6: Updates
1 year private access of the live streamed dashboard
1 year email support
LearnDash Learning Machine System Portal and Focus Mode Environment
Private member section to follow your progression
Life time access to new exclusive videos to improve your mindset
Green Code Live Coaching
All 6 courses + 4 Live sessions + 1 year access to Dashboard
Introduction Course (to be ready for the live sessions) - Personal Audit + 78 Short videos + 16 Quizzes + 14 Homework exercises and Extras
Live 1: The Green code part 1 : eToro Procharts Installation + Live Dashboard + Explanation of the 1th strategy + Training + 12 Quizzes + Homework and Extras
Live 2: The Green code part 2 : Risk management + Explanation of the 2nd strategy + Training + 8 Quizzes + Homework and Extras
Live 3: Trading psychology + Training + Homework and Extras for the next 12 weeks
Live 4: After 3 months, Improvements of your trading behavior + Preparation for the next 9 months
Trading Journal shared with me
Weekly follow up on the signals detected
1 year private access of the live streamed dashboard
1 year email support
LearnDash Learning Machine System Portal and Focus Mode Environment
Private member section to follow your progression
Life time access to new exclusive videos to improve your mindset


Once you’ve bought the programme an email will be sent with your credentials to log into your member space. You will also receive a link to choose the meetings for the first 3 live courses. Generally speaking, it is up to you to complete the first course and it could take one week or a month to integrate this course according to your available time. Then the 3 live courses start on a weekly basis as I believe this is the best way of working. Then the last course will be taken 3 months after the end of the 3 live courses.
You can reach me via the chat on the website or you can send me an email. I will be available from 7 am to 10 pm Paris time.
I encourage everyone to engage themselves in being motivated every single second and be serious about learning new skills and to improve their competence with my coaching. First of all, do not underestimate the necessity of the first self-preparation course, and the impact it will have on your life. There is a complete personal audit to fill in that will help me to adapt myself to your needs and understand where you are today. There are 78 short videos that will represent the first step to understanding trading concepts. Some of those videos are essential to understanding what you will learn in the live courses. There are about 500 questions in the quizzes. Those questions will build you a solid knowledge base about trading. I recommend absorbing all the information you can get from doing the quizzes multiple times.

Who is Olivier Danvel, know more about his work :

Olivier Danvel’s eToro Profile: Discover my results on the feed where I post my monthly newsletter responding to questions from investors about my trading from 2017.

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